Pretty Summer Flowers

Okay we’ll admit it.  This cake wasn’t made in the summer, but the bright and vibrant colors do remind us of the warm season that is upon us!

Friends of ours Wade and Kristina got married not too long ago, and Kristina’s mom requested a simple cake for her bridal shower that incorporated her colors: bright orange, light green, and yellow.

Bright Flower Cake | Petal and Posie Cakes

Gumpaste Flowers | Petal and Posie Cakes

These flowers took a really long time, but were so fun to make!

There’s something about a simple cake with a few big bold flowers that I love.  We hope you enjoy this one, too!


One thought on “Pretty Summer Flowers

  1. What a beautiful cake! I can’t get over how realistic the flowers look. You ladies are so talented. (And Cortney, this is a far cry from that Wilton cake decorating class we took! YOU should have been teaching that class, ha ha!)

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