Dinner for Good

This last weekend, we had the pleasure of providing the sweets for our friend Katy’s benefit dinner for Open Arms Ukraine.  Open Arms Ukraine is an organization that strives to change the lives of orphans in Ukraine.  This fundraiser dinner was to provide hygiene packs for the children, a projection screen for the orphanage, and activities for a summer camp.  It was an honor to be part of it!

It was a gorgeous Bay Area day!

Each setting had a picture of an Open Arms orphan or team member for us to learn more about and pray for.

Our guys <3

Katy is the creative mind behind this dinner, Sonitchka, and she also plays an active role in raising funds and awareness for Open Arms.

The dinner was styled by our friends at House of Colour, and had a botanical rustic theme.  When we were told about the theme, we immediately knew what we wanted to do for dessert: earl gray tea cake with lavender infused frosting.  It was delicious, and everyone loved it!

Earl grey tea cake with lavender infused frosting

We were so proud of our dessert!

Beautiful music played throughout the night. That’s Cathy’s husband there on the right! He’s quite talented.

Our favorite part was seeing empty dessert plates on the table. It gives us a great feeling!

Thank you, Katy, for allowing us to be part of this special evening!  It was so fun to get together with our creative friends for an amazing cause.  We loved every moment of it.


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